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Maple & Pine


you taste like a campfire

you fill up my sky 

with the smoke on your breath

take me in, keep me

the stars are your breadth


your warmth, your glow

your embers, they float

like whispers and whiskers 

of snow on the slope

Emma, come with me

we’ll waste our whole lives

building stables for horses

with maple and pine

Still Dark


honey, i see stars

let’s leave while it’s still dark

i’ll make the coffee now

half an hour and out of town


last night, we forgot about tomorrow

stayed up real late and drank our sorrow

now your throat, it burns, your eyes, they sting

but darlin don’t go back to sleep

last night you were mumblin but i think you said

a star can shine light even after it’s dead

but it cant shine quite as bright in the city

the way you phrased it just sounded pretty

we’re driving north, that sky’s blue hue

and Georgia’s comin up real soon

last night was our last hurrah

how i wish that it was still dark

Five or So

remember what life was like

when we were young?

we saw our fathers

stand tall with the gods


theyd kiss all our scrapes

so our scrapes wouldnt scar

then wed keep on playing

out there in the park


and life, it was more than just laundry

it was promising mothers wed stay in the yard

to catch some blue butterflies—

wed reach so far

i look back on these days

like a pillar of salt

life was so easy

and thats whats so hard

A Summons

i shade my eyes at the horizon

towards all my hopes and fears

the darkness comes too early

in the winter of my years

i’m yearning for the warmth and stillness 

of my Master’s loft

a belly full, a peaceful passing

wrapped in hay and cloth

i sigh upon a dying sun

my cracked lips mouth a prayer:

let tomorrow bring, perhaps

a touch of autumn air


where cardinals play

o’er weeping willows

and cardinals pray

o’er weeping widows

that’s where i find you 

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