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Have A Nice Night – Starring Nick Clark, this film shows us the journey of a young man who is having an eventful evening. Written by Danny Malone and Patrick Emralino and directed by Malone, this is a very fascinating film, with the protagonist, a man who seems to be almost compelled to be kind to people despite his unfortunate luck, dressed in a Fred Rogers-esque outfit that truly evokes the legendary television personality. As things unfold, we watch as a truly awful night unfolds, despite his kindnesses towards others. It’s a brilliant film in its own way, giving off the vibe that things are not what they seems, and it feels like a total mystery up until the very end where this film is going, something that keeps things really interesting. Clark is great in it, finding a way to be both a shining beacon of friendliness and hope, and an unfortunate sad-sack at the same time.

- BitPix TV News

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