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My Story

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Growing up, I always knew  exactly  what I was going to be when I got older: either a magician, a drummer, or a baseball player. Maybe even a magical, drumming baseball player. But then I joined my middle school’s acting class to impress a girl. I guess you could say I fell in love... just not with the girl. Change of plans, Mom, your boy’s gonna be an actor.

I’ve spent the past four years training in the BFA acting program at Florida State University, where I tackled intense curriculum with my small class of nine — one of the greatest privileges of my life. The most important thing I learned?


How to let go of myself.


A lot of people ask me about the kinds of roles that get me excited. Projects that uplift and inspire others have a special place in my heart. Tales of goodness and grandeur — that's my sweet spot. I love cowboys, astronauts, and rockstars, and I hope I get to play all of them one day. But I also love the beautiful simplicity of goodness without grandeur. The ordinary hero in all of us: my favorite story to tell. 


If you’re a friend, you can follow my journey on my Insta, @goodnickclark. And if you’re a colleague, I look forward to working with you — let’s make some magic happen! Stay well and be good. 


Nick Clark

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